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Law firm Kavčič, Bračun & Partners, o.p., d.o.o. offers legal services in various fields of law . Division of work by industry sectors and areas of practice enables us to gain complete and in depth understanding of our clients business operations and markets on which they operate.

Our clients rely on our legal expertise and experience in following practice areas:


Our main focus is the advice on matters of commercial law.

Commercial law, being one of the traditional fields of law, governs the legal status of various business entities and their internal organization (corporate law) as well as business transactions and other legal relationships between business entities engaged in trade (contractual commercial or business law).

Within the scope of commercial law, we offer continuous advice to national and foreign clients, private and public companies, financial institutions and other business entities in the context of corporate (status) law, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, judicial protection of intellectual property law and law of financial instruments.


Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in corporate law issues of varying complexity.

The law firm offers professional legal support to our clients at all stages of their development and operation, including establishment, corporate governance, management, corporate reorganization, and liquidation.
In coordination with companies, we take care of their regular corporate operations (adoption of internal rules, organizations of general shareholder meetings, exercise of shareholders’ rights, appointment or renewal of management and supervisory boards, etc.) and support their exceptional transactions (capital increases, admission of new shareholders, mergers, split-ups, spin-offs, etc.). We provide legal assistance in drafting and negotiating various types of commercial contracts, shareholders’ agreements, options agreements, as well as in the implementation of agreed rights and obligations. We also represent clients in shareholder disputes and other complex corporate litigation.


One of the law firm’s key practice areas is the support of clients in complex national and cross-border M&A transactions.
Our lawyers offer complete legal advice in all phases of M&A transactions to domestic and foreign buyers, sellers and financial investors. We advise our clients and offer comprehensive services at all stages of the transaction, which includes the preparation of an overall structure of the transaction, coordination and implementation of legal due diligence review, cooperation and advice in the negotiation and preparation of the transaction documentation. We represent our clients in related proceedings before the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency, Securities Market Agency, Bank of Slovenia, Ministry of Culture and the Insurance Supervision Agency with a view to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Having the necessary understanding of the risks and challenges associated with M&A transactions, we strive for high level of transparency and exactness of any kind of a deal already in early stage of structuring of the transaction and in the preparation of legal due diligence. We also cooperate with external financial and tax advisors in order to provide the most comprehensive services for our clients.


Competition drives business performance. However, competitors are bound to follow strict rules.

Competition law is increasingly affecting the most important aspects of corporate and business strategies. Actions of companies must comply with strict Slovenian and EU competition rules.

We provide daily advice to domestic and foreign clients on the most complex competition law issues. Our advantage is in-depth knowledge of areas of law that are strongly connected to competition law, such as M&A and sector-specific regulation.

We provide our clients with guidance on the development of business and marketing actions from a strategic-legal perspective by preparing companies’ compliance programs in order to ensure their business policies and practices comply with competition rules. Our law firm offers legal support in the merger control procedures and represents companies before the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency and the European Commission as well as in disputes before national courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union in all antitrust matters (alleged anticompetitive agreements and practices, abuse of dominance). By providing a complete range of state aid advice and support, both at national and EU level, we help our clients manage state aid issues that may arise in connection with state funding. For clients who must apply Slovenian or European competition law in their daily operations, we organize seminars and training activities with special focus on recent issues of competition law.


Financial distress and insolvency are becoming one of the most complex business issues. We help set the course for an optimal result in financial restructuring.

Our law firm’s track record includes advising both lenders and distressed borrowers on pre-insolvency reorganization and re-financing. We regularly advise banks in proceedings on financial restructuring to help debtors achieve liquidity and solvency. We advise on choosing the right measures of financial restructuring and its scope. With detailed knowledge of insolvency, corporate and competition law, we assist our clients in devising a comprehensive strategy for the debtor to maintain sustainable business operations, including the acquisition of companies through debt-to-equity swaps or similar measures that act as a pre-requisite to successful financial restructuring. We cooperate and assist our clients by preparing relevant documents for financial restructuring.

Our insolvency law expertise includes the representation of creditors and companies in the course of insolvency proceedings and insolvency related litigation. We advise investors and credit institutions in the process of sale and purchase of non-performing loans (NPLs).

In financially critical situations, experience in the areas of corporate law, transactions, litigation, employment law, intellectual property rights is also essential. We have the in-depth specialist knowledge to manage complex mandates, whether from the perspective of creditors or the affected companies. While advising on complex financial restructuring, we cooperate with well-established financial specialists.


Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of regulatory matters relating to banking and financial markets.

Financial markets are subject to complex regulation and strict regulatory scrutiny. Detailed knowledge of banking and financial markets regulations is imperative for providing legal support in financial and banking transactions or for obtaining permits and licenses for our clients’ business operations.

Our lawyers provide transactional and regulatory advice to domestic and foreign banks and other financial institutions as well as to strategic and financial investors. We advise our clients on all issues concerning lending and financing agreements, project financing, loan collateral agreements, debt restructuring and refinancing, acquisition and disposition of distressed assets and loan portfolios. We further represent financial institutions in the processes of restructuring and recapitalization as well as in the procedures before the national banking regulators (the Bank of Slovenia). For domestic and foreign financial institutions, we also conduct due diligence reviews of banking transactions.


Potential disputes with employees can often be avoided with the proper legal advice.

We advise domestic companies on all relevant aspects of employment law. In particular, we assist them in drafting employment contracts and internal rules and regulations. We also provide legal advice with respect to termination of employment and mass redundancy situations, advise on protection of the individual and collective rights and represent our clients before competent labour and social courts.


We are committed to protecting the interests of our clients, be it through mediation and negotiation or by means of litigation or arbitration.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling commercial and civil disputes, including the most complex disputes in banking, insurance, telecommunications and construction.

We primarily seek to provide innovative solutions to evade any judicial, arbitral and other dispute proceedings. If an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached, we examine the legal risks, advise our clients on the most advantageous strategy and represent them in any ensuing proceedings.

We represent clients before all courts in the Republic of Slovenia and before ad hoc and institutional arbitrations.


Protection of intellectual property rights is crucial to the success of our clients’ business.

We ensure optimal protection of intellectual property such as know-how, brands, patents, design and copyright-protected work with a view of minimizing possible risks related to exploitation of intellectual property and increase of returns. Our services range from registration to protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. We provide legal advice in the process of drafting and conclusion of various agreements regarding the transfer or obtainment of intellectual property rights, including licensing agreements. Our law firm is registered with the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office as a brand and design representative, which allows us to represent clients in proceedings relating to obtainment, maintenance and other claims related to, brands, designs, geographical designations and copyrights.


Complex and fast amending public procurement rules require up-to-date legal advice and an innovative approach.

We help our clients in all phases of the public procurement and public-private partnership procedures. Our law firm provides legal advice in the course of preparation of bids, contract negotiations, exercise of clients’ rights and contractual obligations, evaluation of non-compliance with public procurement and public private partnership rules and legal protection of the bidders.


We have been at the forefront of developments in the sector-specific regulation of the communications industry.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with the regulatory regime on electronic communications and regularly advise on the full scope of communications matters, from regulatory and commercial to M&A, intellectual property and disputes. We provide legal advice to both domestic and foreign clients on various issues related to the construction and operation of electronic communications networks, joint investments in the field of IT, digital media, internet and e-commerce, personal data protection and privacy issues.

We assist our clients in the process of obtaining administrative permissions for the provision of telecommunications and IT services, relating to business decisions that must comply with regulatory decisions and in drafting agreements between operators and agreements between operators and end users. We also represent clients before competent regulatory bodies and courts.

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