Floods 2023 – Measures to alleviate and eliminate the consequences

The devastation caused by floods in early August 2023 inflicted unimaginable damage throughout the entire country. In response, on 9 August 2023, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the Emergency Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Mitigation of Consequences of Natural Disasters (hereinafter referred to as: Act), which introduces various measures to alleviate the consequences of the recent natural catastrophes.

Among the significant measures, the Act regulates temporary measures in employment relationships, with two prominent actions being temporary layoffs and inability to perform work due to force majeure. In both cases, the employer can demand reimbursement from the state for paid wage compensations, up to 80 % in the first scenario, and in full in the latter. The state will also provide financial support to self-employed individuals who can no longer carry out their activities due to the floods or can only do so to a significantly reduced extent. The Act offers volunteers engaged in voluntary work within voluntary organizations the right to paid leave of up to seven working days. The Republic of Slovenia will fully reimburse the paid wage compensations. In addition, certain tax reliefs aimed at mitigating the consequences of natural disasters are increased.

To aid the economy, the Act introduces the possibility of advance payments and simplification of specific procedures. Municipalities are now also eligible for state advance payments, up to 40 % of the previously assessed damage.

Apart from the amended act introduced by the legislator, numerous portals and forms have been published where individuals can offer assistance to the affected, both in the form of financial aid and physical help, lending equipment, or donating materials. The »Poplave 2023« application primarily serves this purpose.

The legislation that was in effect earlier also provides numerous possibilities for action and assistance in cases of extraordinary events, such as the floods at the beginning of the month.

Various institutes designed to alleviate the consequences of similar crisis situations, along with the measures taken thus far, are thoroughly presented at the following link.

Moreover, next week, two additional emergency acts are expected to be passed, envisioning new aid to individuals and the economy.

Moreover, the adoption of two new acts is expected at the end of the month, namely, the additional intervention act, which is supposed to provide new aid to individuals and the economy, and the reconstruction act, which should cover systemic measures aimed at long-term rehabilitation measures and long-term prevention of accidents such as the one in question.


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